Ninjai – The Little Ninja

by killdozr on July 8, 2005 · 3 comments

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An extraordinary Flash animation series made by a group of martial arts film stuntmen who prefer to remain anonymous.

It began when one of the primary writers and animators suffered an injury on a filmset, and was immobilized for weeks in bed during recovery. To keep his sanity and his mind on his martial arts discipline, he gathered a group of friends to write a complex fable of one lonely child’s search for his true self.

What appears onscreen is animation of a higher caliber – even though to the discerning eye, it isn’t as detailed and fantastic as it first seems. But what sets this series apart is that it’s obviously a labor of love and devotion to the mystery and mysticism of an honor code of ancient origin.

While constructed to appeal to people of all ages, there is certainly a dark edge to this story – all too apparent at the conclusion of the first short episode, when the Ninjai approaches his bloodied, dying adversary and answers his question “Who the hell are you?” with, “That’s what I’d like to know.”

Kudos to the series creators for finding a child voice actor whose performance adds stunning weight to an already impressive serial.

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  • jimbert

    sweet, on par with samurai jack!!! speaking of which if you can get some episodes or clips of that show, you’ll make my year!!! it’s not out on dvd in britain!!!

  • Funkdaddy J

    Sorry you had to go to all that hard work, killdozr, but I thought we were talking about bootleg Ninjai DVDs.

  • jimbert

    … season one and two £14.99 each buy an action replay card and i can watch it on my ps2, sorted.

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