Rubber Johnny

by mrcookieface on July 5, 2005 · 6 comments

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A most disturbing video by acclaimed director, Chris Cunningham.

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  • The Scarlet Harlot

    Okay, that’s a little creepy.

  • Gray Ghost

    What the fu…..?  What is that?

  • Gray Ghost

    Seriously.  Anyone.  Help me out here.  This stresses me out.  What on God’s green Earth is this?  Some kid with hydrocephaly, some congenital disorder?

  • .alphamonkey.

    It’s Chris Cunningham.  Don’t put too much thought into it.  He’s done very weird (and very good) videos for Aphex Twin and Bjork, most notably. 

    It’s just meant to be a creepy, unsettling mood piece.

  • Gray Ghost

    Then mission accomplished.  Whhoooo…

  • Boss Robot

    fascinating! I couldn’t stop watching

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