The Art of Mark Chamberlain

by The Good Reverend on July 8, 2005 · 3 comments

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I’ve gleaned that Scarlet Harlot is a big art fan.  So I can’t tell you all how excited I am whenever I “discover” an up-and-coming talent before she does.  I give you the art of Mark Chamberlain.

“Chamberlain’s use of color really humanizes the superheroes and makes them approachable”.  –Samir Patel, New York Times

“Batman and Robin are NOT GAY!” –Adam West, actor

Robin’s Baby Pictures   
“Magnificent!  Scales are almost precisely in balance.  Reminiscent of haute Dutch bourgeoisie in style.  We are at once taken aback by their superhumanity, and drawn close into a warm embrace by their vulnerability.” — John Halbourne, Art Critic magazine

“Dude, I knew it!  I knew they were gay!  Flame on!” The Human Torch, superhero

Thanks to FushigiDenki for the link

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  • The Black Glove

    Imagine the disappointment. I can picture it now. You are a fairly tough and active male citizen, but it’s late at night and you are in the roughest part of town. Now normally, you’d be able to handle yourself just fine, but there are five of them and they are armed. You hope against hope that Batman will come to your aid. Luckily he was in the area anyway and zooms down to your rescue…IN A SPARKLY THONG!

    Oh, the shame.

    Danny Black-Glover

  • The Scarlet Harlot

    You beat me to the post. HaHaHa. Good One!

  • The Black Glove

    I mean, you’d survive the attack and all, but who knows if your pride would ever recover?

    ‘Black Glove:Singles Collection, Staring At Gay Super-Heroes.

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