by alphamonkey on July 29, 2005 · 8 comments

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Sudoku is a numbers-based puzzle game that’s quite the rage in Britain, I hear.  The monkey no like the math games, but maybe all those residents of the British isles are on to something. 

Then again, it’s the same country that’s responsible for Survivor and American Idol.  The jerks. 

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  • phantomwhale

    Sorry, we didn’t intend to lower the standard of American TV… and I’m fairly sure we didn’t either smile

    Sudoku is a big “fad” over here in London, like reading “the da vinci” code on the subway. Not sure what the appeal is, crosswords demand some some of clever thinking and so forth, Sudoku is just applying a fixed set of simple analysis rules to complete a puzzle.

    I’ll leave my computer to the Sudoku and get on with slightly more intersting puzzles personally. Or read a book perhaps. Anything not written by Dan Brown would do… (Or JK Rowling, come to think of it…)

  • professor dookie

    Watch out these little suckers are addicting! I started playing with them a few weeks ago and I havent stopped since.  One little tip to help you get running is to start with number one and look for patterns then go to the next number… Then forget about the rest of your life! Mmmmuuhhahahah

  • fealty2dahriyah

    I’ve been doing these for over a year(piss poorly)…. wow can’t believe this is new to here… it’s good entertainment while holding on the phone.

    daily sodoku is a nice little website…

  • fullmetal

    Holy Crap on toast that is hard!

  • Ro

    I decided to be done with them all at once and program a sudoku solver (almost done). Somehow it’s more satisfying this way too.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    umm they already have solvers on the web.

  • Ro

    That’s not the point. smile It’s about solving the puzzle yourselft, I aim to solve them personally all at once smile

  • fealty2dahriyah

    which is exactly why you need to create a program to do it…

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