You’re in a bad spot here, Scotty

by alphamonkey on July 12, 2005 · 2 comments

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I’ve managed to avoid posting political themed stuff since last November’s election, but yesterday’s White House press briefing is just too rich to pass up. 

Proving yet again that CSPAN may just be the greatest comedy channel of all time, take a gander of Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s complete grilling by the the press corp.

For those of you needing a little background:  2 years ago, Robert Novak identified an undercover CIA agent as part of (what has been exposed as being) a White House smear campaign against Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador who publicly disputed President Bush’s claims of Iraq’s alleged attempts to purchased Uranium from Nigeria.  Karl Rove was immediately put forth as the contact who gave that information to a variety of reporters, a charge McClellan (and Rove) vehemently denied.  Now that reporter Matt Cooper has turned over documents to the special prosecutor that explicitly implicate Karl Rove as the source of that information, the White House press corp has seemingly discovered the spine they collectively lost back in 1999 or so.  For more complete analysis and background, i suggest you start here

Fun times abound!

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  • The Black Glove

    “Did Karl Rove commit a crime?”

    I love it when they just stop beating around the bush. Somewhere in America, Al Franken is giggling like a littel girl.


  • The Black Glove

    I just told someone that the organizers of my email account prefer that I continue to go on not commenting on the content of my own emails until the ongoing investigation had concluded.

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