Ask The Dead

by podlife on August 29, 2005 · 3 comments

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This is a viral for the launch of the new Tim Burton film The Corpse Bride…

Ask questions of The Corpse Bride via a Ouija Board styled “talking board”- or send a message to a friend- it’s creepy.

Good Reverend:  I can vouch for the creepiness of this site.. I asked it, “What will be the manner of my death?”, to which it replied, “Busy try later”.  Freaky, man!  Freaky!

(If you want to email someone, go to the site.)

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  • PesterTheJester

    It’s Busy Try Later to everything I ask it. :(

  • Heretique

    Who knew the afterlife would be so busy…

  • The Good Reverend

    I believe there’s an issue with us hosting it on our site.  When I posted it, I was getting the busy signal even on askthedead, so i thought nothing amiss by getting that same answer on our hosted version.  However, i’m now getting actual answers at askthedead.  Head on over there if you want to try it.

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