Happy Tree Friends!

by vampir2124 on August 9, 2005 · 7 comments

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A collection of animations from The Happy Tree Friends that amuse me, at least.  Some squeamish people may want to give it a miss.

Remember: It’s fun until someone gets hurt, and then it’s funny.

“CV – Cartoon Violence – Not Reccomended for Small Children or Big Babies”, as quoted from the site itself.  That should give an impression of how they want to come across.

We never thought we’d say this, but it’s like Itchy & Scratchy on crank.  And that’s awesome. – The Editors. 

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  • fullmetal

    I posted that a while ago, but it’s not on the queue… I wonder what happened to it… You did not happen to look at my post and make another one, did you?

  • fullmetal

    Ahh… Never mind. The thingy must not have sent it correctly, my bad… downer

  • fullmetal

    I guess it’s just does’nt fit right…

  • http://www.thecasualsonline.tk vampir2124

    i never saw yours, just found this sight and thought iwould let you guys in on this but its content maybe a little extreme for the site in general?

  • fullmetal

    Oh definitely! it made my sister cry!!! cheese

  • http://www.thecasualsonline.tk vampir2124

    wow, thats impressive, nah all my friends found it great, even my girl friend went and bought the dvd.

    nah ill go find some other things that are great but arent n archives, which is fairly tough.

  • Hazuki71

    Its funny when friends get hurt!

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