In Your Face, Jackie Chan!

by alphamonkey on August 5, 2005 · 10 comments

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Wow.  This guy can mooooooooove.

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  • Big Perm

    Yeah, freerunners are awesome.  Too bad I’ve passed my impetuous youth and no longer throw my body needlessly in harms way.

  • Shadow Stalker

    Why didn’t they just shoot him?  You can’t get good thugs these days.

  • special_edday

    Is this an action film, or an independant short?.

  • killdozr

    reminds me of Tony Jaa too.

    ooooh boy – Ong Bak will be here in 4 days. yay.

  • Dhsu

    Bah, Chan’s pulled off harder stunts before.  He is getting up there in years though, so it’s possible he’s been slowing down.

  • .alphamonkey.

    It’s possible?  Chan hasn’t been in top form for a loooooooooong time.

  • accukrak

    Yeah, Jackie may not be in top form anymore, but back in the days, he did things that were only possible today via CGI. In any event, I just hope that Sam Raimi would use these kind of stunts and stund actors instead of relying on CGI for the Spiderman movies.

  • fullmetal

    You guys sound like old people…. Back in the days… passed up my impetuous youth… My grandpa should feel right at home

  • Chaud

    Yeah, back in the day when your grampa was makin CGI for Marvel movies

  • Chaud

    I think it’s the mental age that makes someone talk like that, not chronological. But it’s true grampa’s these days are becoming pretty crazy freerunners. Damn my youth for holding me back.

    How old are ya Big perm, just outa curiosity?

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