Katrina – Documented before it’s even begun

by alphamonkey on August 29, 2005 · 3 comments

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By the time this post hits the front page, Hurricane Katrina will have already touched land, but as I write this the web is awash in photos, blogs, and news stories all covering what may or may not happen.  Flickr makes for a strange, but fascinating document of the photos being uploaded onto the web detailing personal and professional accounts of the hurricane. 

(NASA’s 3D view of the hurricane moving through the Gulf of Mexico)

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  • fullmetal

    You know, Katrina reminds me of a lady going through PMS… SHE JUST WON”T GIVE UP UNTIL EVERYONE IS FRUSTRATED, ANNOYED, OR DEAD!!!

  • Chaud

    Bush is a dumbass. Canada has tons of transport, food and water ready to help but bush has to be the big man and try to handle it himself. So far he’s done very little except huddled all the poor people together eventually creating riots and now he’s focusing on preventing the riots. Whata moron. The only help bush can provide is where to pick up some good blow.

  • mizeryschyld

    I have a post in the submissions queue from msn.com where I said “New Orleans is starting to seem like Iraq.”

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