Pizza Cones!

by mrcookieface on August 12, 2005 · 3 comments

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It’s not quite the Cup ‘o Pizza that Navin Johnson had, but it’s close enough.  I’d try it.

“Oh, this is the best pizza in a cup ever. This guy is unbelievable. He ran the old Cup ‘o Pizza guy out of business. People come from all over to eat this.”

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  • fullmetal

    I’d expect a commercial for this from Japan, what happened to Japan? Did they change? Dear god, let them not have changed! Oh, Japan! where are you!? We need a weird commercial! Pronto! My Lord, where the heck did Japan go? Japan is going to be in so much trouble when I find Japan!

  • Chaud

    pung lao du moto!!!

    If this meant something in Japanese, it would say, “Shut up white boy, You think you know Japan, I show you Japan! Aaaaaaah!!”

  • japhy

    abomination! disgust! fear! heresy!

    i think this make the trinity of pizza’s abominions with french fries and pasta pizza (i shake just to nominate them)

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