The Chubby Vegan

by alphamonkey on August 18, 2005 · 11 comments

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While I have some respect for folks that do the vegan thing, I’ve never met one who didn’t look like Tom Hanks in Castaway.  Apparently, I’m not the only one.

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  • Souped_up_on_Jihad

    How dare they call 20oz of wheatgrass a super gulp, it’s a medium at best.

  • Snarf

    If you’re a vegan you just don’t go to fast food places with assholes that eat factory farmed burgers.  You cook your own food.  Yes we cook food.

  • .alphamonkey.

    So people who eat factory farmed burgers are assholes?

  • Snarf

    Sure, and vegans are assholes too.

  • Kevin Pepper

    Its a good thing our ancestors ate meat.
    Or we would not be here to discuss this.

    Big Brain = The need for meat.

    You ever most vegans are like evangalists trying to convert everyone to their belief that we should all live on salad?

  • Tahanet

    Kamut isn’t gluten-free. It’s an earlier form of wheat.

  • mista

    Kevin pepper.
    i respect your rights to have your own opinion. however, your theory about our (human) ancestry could not be any further from the truth. No big story needed. because…our ancestry is not the meat eating club wielding cavemen you have pictured and have been taught to believe in. Our ancestry Kevin is in fact from GREAT APES and monkeys. they live about 95% on fruit, greens, seeds and nuts (vegetables include leaves, roots and tree bark). Some monkeys have a diet heavy in insects. You will find there is no ape nor monkey that gets the majority of its protein from animal carcasses. The information that you have been taught to believe in is actually not an accurate portrayal of evolution of humans. I would like to leave you with one more concept Kevin. You (meaning humans today) could live a long healthy life eating a diet that was 95% fruit and vegetables and 5% animal products, yet you would most certainly become a severely diseased human being if you tried to live your life on a diet that was made up of 95% animal products and only 5 percent fruits and vegetables. This is not an opinion. This is scientifically proven. Feel free to contact me. I would be glad to inform you or anyone else about the truth about this matter. Email tea4tofu at yahoo dot com.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You keep your long, healthy life of fruits and vegetables. Personally I’m going for fruits, vegetables, grains, and hearty, delicious meat.

  • mista

    I hear you. you should eat meat. eat as much as you want. my only gripe is that you more than likely have never butchered an animal yourself much less, seen an animal slaughtered from beginning to end.
    the other point is this. weather you agree or not, Meat is not essential to human health/growth. I am living proof of this as i have not eaten any cow flesh in about 16 years and i am a muscular stocky guy. You would be just fine with out eating any animal products for the rest of your life yet, you would surely get sick and die if you tried to live solely off of animal products alone. you enjoy meat. you lust it. because you have been raised with it as a part of your life. See, i do not expect you or any one else to quit eating animals whom currently eats them now. the reason for this is because with our societies as the way they are now, men and women are 99% in the dark about what animal mutilation / butchery really looks like. They are shielded from the realities of the slaughter houses and the Horrible way animals are abused and punished inside them. So…of course they will never think twice about chowin down on some animal hide. Its a no brainier. I can say without a doubt that the majority of women on earth would stop eating animals right away with just one visit to a major slaughter house facility. i say women because women are very sensitive and generally animal lovers. most, if not all women would be incredibly saddened by what they saw in the slaughter houses if there was some way to get them in there.
    i leave you with 3 final points
    1. what has more protein? a 10 once piece of steak or 10 ounces of Broccoli? if you said Broccoli, you are correct. ounce for ounce the Broccoli has much more protein than the steak with out all the potentially harmful effects of meat consumption. (for anyone whom is actually interested, read “eat to live” by Dr. Fuhrman. or go to the web site dr Fuhrman dot com.
    2. the late actor / cowboy named John Wayne was given an autopsy upon his death for a reason I can not remember at this time. the autopsy results found that Mr Wayne had a whoping 25 pounds of UNDIGESTED meat in his colon / lower intestine. this same fact is most likely true for you as well alpha. probably not 25 pounds, but you more than likely have undigested meat in your system as well because that is not uncommon amongst meat eaters. especially heavy meat lovers.
    and my final point.
    if some one were to put in front of you a plate of raw cow meat and next to it a plate of raw human meat…do you think you would be able to tell the difference?
    the answer is no. you would not be able to decipher the difference between the two.
    SO…eat up alpha! lick yer plate clean. im not trying to save you or the world. I just want you to know the truth about yourself. I don’t want you or anyone else to be able to trick themselves about the realities of eating factory farmed animals. I want you to be able to see the worst corners of animal slaughters. So this way…you will understand what goes into getting that burger into your mouth. they say ” you are what you eat” my only gripe is that the average American is just about clueless as to what eating animals in our modern times is really all about. ignorant people whom are purposely being kept ignorant. “they” (the individuals that make a living off of the sale of animals for food) want you to make purchases and be happy and not think too much about the details.
    feel free to contact me
    tea 4 tofu at yahoo dot com
    want to educate yourself?
    go to www dot peta dot com
    see the movie “fast food nation” and read the book.
    oh and Alpha…if you do happen to be an avid hunter whom regularly shoots animals and then guts them himself…i applaud you and you need not reply because you are the exception.
    ryan from long island NY

  • BAD

    Your full of shit. Lets see some actual research and I’ll bother to respond beyond this.

  • mista

    I HAVE done the research. if you think you know better, than you should go to a lab and do a test for protein. test broccoli against steak to see which one has more protein. your problem is that you have been trained to believe that protein is something you must mainly receive from animal flesh consumption. but the actual truth is that protein can be derived from several sources. do you think i could write what i write if i was just full of it? I am not interested in changing your mind to see things from my point of view. however, what I have written is all factual. i do not want to work hard to change or convince you “bad”. you will most likely do as you have been doing. i have zero hope that you will learn anything. i just put my info out there for those who might possibly be able to obtain something from it. you are not a person who can be convinced of anything on this matter because you already decided what is true and what is not. if you want to learn about the ideas i have written on, read “eat to live” and watch the movie “fast food nation”. do those two things if your truly interested in learning about the ideas i have laid out. you (and any one interested) will find all the “actual research” you could ever need in the book “EAT TO LIVE” by DR. Fuhrman. go to the website ( for quick access. Dr Fuhrman covers all the bases when it comes to the scientific facts about humans and their food. as for the info about the actor John Wayne…I do believe that the information about the 25 pounds of undigested meat in his colon upon his autopsy to be factual. next

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