America.  Why I Love Her.

by mrcookieface on September 6, 2005 · 2 comments

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As narrated by John Wayne.

Despite governmental mismanagement, and political ineptitude, the Duke puts it all into perspective with this 1973 recording*.

As wise Woody Guthrie once sang, “This land is your land, this land is my land….”

Update:  The creator of this Flash animation has decided that our showcasing this work constitutes stealing.  I’m sure he likewise sought out and obtained permission to use the copyrighted recording of John Wayne.  We’re probably too un-American to view his ultimate paeon to patriotism with the appropriate respect, anyway.  Oh, well. 

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  • Steve Azbill

    Based on the date of the original post, I may be replying to an orhpan message board, but here goes…

    May I offer this video as an alternative:

    This is ‘America, Why I Love Her’ as recited by the author, John Mitchum.

    I’m familiar with this particular Flash animation of John Wayne’s recitation of ‘Why I Love Her’. I’ve had a bit of a run-in with the creator of that Flash video (a bit of a boneheaded military sycophant,–go visit, turn up your speakers–he gives me special recognition on the page where this video is supposed to be).

    You are free to use the John Mitchum version (just embed the Youtube code–see below). I created the Flash video and have the rights to the poem itself. John Mitchum was my father-in-law. See our website

    My note in a bottle….

    embed code:

    Confused? Ask a 12-year-old what to do.

  • Steve Azbill

    Please forgive the errors in the last message. is the url to Mr Willis’ site) and the “embed” code didn’t show up. It can be picked up at the YouTube site.

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