by alphamonkey on September 8, 2005 · 3 comments

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Astute viewers will already know that our pal Eric from SceneStealers had a sit-down with Bruce “Don’t Call Me Ash” Campbell, but for any other fans of The Chin we suggest popping over to SceneStealers and taking a gander at this great interview.

UPDATE: Part II is now up and available, so go check it. 

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  • Big Perm

    Let me tell you, this guy is awesome.  I had the opportunity to meet Bruce F’ing Campbell when he came to Denver’s Mayan theatre to sign his new book and premeire his movie.  After signing books for 5 hours he came in and did an intro to the movie.  he was so popular that they added a second showing and he did the same thing for them.

    All this after rolling into town from who know’s where, probably with little sleep and stays out til 2 am after signing 800 books and watches a movie with his fans that he’s already seen 50 times.  Who does this?!

    BRUCE F’ING CAMPBELL, that’s who!

  • Thundarr

    I couldn’t agree more, the guy just rules!  He spent three or four minutes per fan at the signing talking with each individual, signing books, posters, DVDs and more.  Anyone who has worked at a bookstore or other venue and been a part in a author’s signing knows just how rare this is.  Hail to the King baby!

    Besides the intro to the movie he took questions as well which from the audience for about ten minutes.  This, for me, held the funniest moments of the entire night.  Ex:

    Fan: Are you going to star in Spider-Man 3?

    Coolest F’ck Alive, Bruce Campbell: Star?  Did you see the first two movies?  Sure I had pivotal roles…

    Fan: Who named the character “Ash” in the Evil Dead films?

    Coolest goddam mofo of all time Bruce Campbell: (staring at the guy for about five seconds, then, totally deadpan, replies) That would be the writer sir.  Next question…

  • SonSon2

    Damn it Alphamonkey. Why are you withholding your intimate hour and a half talk with Bruce Campbell? I have the equipment to record your thoughts and project them onto digital media.

    Did I mention I have a machine that can do that? I am also famously rich. I blew it all on the ponies.

    Ponies will not eat money.

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