by mrcookieface on September 6, 2005 · 5 comments

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Late summer is the season of the cicada here in the midwest.

Here’s an interesting link with several short clips documenting the lives of these noisy little buggers.

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  • Inka

    I am so glad I live in Texas. We do get shitloads of crickets sometimes but cicadas are just way too nasty

  • mizeryschyld

    cicadas live in cycles… I think they hibernate every 15 years or so… I remember growing up and not hearing any, then out of the blue, the news started saying “the cicadas are back!” and I was like “what the hell is a cicada?” Now i’ve learned to live with them.  My cat hunts them and eats them shortly after batting them across the sidewalk.

  • Inka

    oy vey! my friend used to live in Ohio where they would get cicadas, he said everywhere you step, you see them. I could not live there. I just couldn’t!

  • .alphamonkey.

    Nah, Cicadas are harmless.  I can’t sleep if I don’t hear ‘em.  I’ll take ‘em over locust any day, and besides they provide my cat (and via proxy me) hours of entertainment.

  • mizeryschyld

    it’s so funny to watch a cat try and eat one.

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