Coheed & Cambria – The Suffering

by alphamonkey on September 26, 2005 · 12 comments

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I’d never heard of Coheed & Cambria before seeing their awesome video for The Suffering, but now I have to find out more about them. 

After all how you can not listen to an album called “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Vol. 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness”?

It’s like if Ronnie James Dio had directed “Clash of the Titans”.  Tres awesome.

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  • BADD

    Talk about a ferrocious fro man!

    To tell you the truth I don’t dislike this band.  I like the fact that they don’t sound like other bands out now, but I still can’t get over their Rush-like sound.  I don’t mind Rush either but I wouldn’t buy their albums.

    Basically I give them a *meh*.

  • Just Plain Bob

    i saw coheed once, live, before they got big. they were opening for Jimmy Eat World at Allentown Fair in pennsylvania.

    they sucked hardcore.

    and by, “sucked”, i mean, they got booed off stage.


  • clmntine4gtmenot

    booed offstage by an audience that actually paid to see Jimmy Eat World. Now that’s the paragon of judgment and taste, now isn’t it?

  • .alphamonkey.


  • Mittens

    should all read comics “second stage turbine blade”.. will be whole new world.. trust me… coheed are awesome…

  • Just Plain Bob

    some part of me wants to say it was a free concert, but i can’t rightly remember. it was outdoors, and a rather larger crowd than i’d have assumed would be there, and i can’t remember paying for it.

    But.. yes, oh snap indeed. I’ll accept that one.

    The reason they were booed offstage, though, was that they sounded awful. not just style-wise.. i actually like their sound now.. but for whatever reason, they hadn’t yet figured out a way to get the lead singer’s voice through a microphone and out of an amp without.. well.. breaking it. Couldn’t hear a damn word he said, it all sounded like garbage and feedback. and the whole point of coheed is that guys voice, so, well, Boo.

  • BADD

    Rargh.  Bad equipment does not = bad band.  I admit I am a music snob, but I hold back my seering hate for only the most disgusting of preformers.

    Personal opinion is hard to argue.  So lets not?

  • Just Plain Bob

    well, i’m not saying they still suck. i’m merely suggesting they’ve come a long way.

  • BADD

    Sorry I didn’t direct that last comment at you, it was more of me being brooding.  It’s part of being a snob.  LOL.

  • Just Plain Bob

    it’s okay. i’ve been in a few altercations on these boards before…

    …and i quite unceremoniously came crawling back, didnt i? wink

  • guest

    Coheed and Cambria in my opinion make great music, and most of their popular songs aren’t even that good, if you actually listen all the way through their long proggy songs you’ll find that their really good.

  • Adam

    I was at that Allentown show and I recall Coheed cancelling and My Chem playing instead. So i’m not really to sure where your coming from on that whole situation.

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