Dumbest Fight EVER

by alphamonkey on September 22, 2005 · 7 comments

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Our pals at DHADM have a great clip of what has to be one of the most beautarded news stories of all time: The Drill Team Brawl

It’s so pathetic..it’s awesome!

Noted Drill Team impressarios the Jazzsong Squirettes (pictured) could not be reached for comment on the activities of their fallen comrades in dance. 

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  • http://www.aaaband.com killdozr

    ahhhh yeah! hometown pride, bitches!

    yet another way for kansas to look good in front of the nation.

  • PesterTheJester

    WEST SIDE STORY all the way.

  • http://www.transbuddha.com The Good Reverend

    “Bring it!”

    “Consider it broughten!”

    {cue crappy dance music}

    “Y’all ready for this?!” duh duh-duh duh-da-duh-da dun-dun “Yeah!”…

  • http://www.ShakeWellBeforeUse.com ariel

    Haha, I saw that the other day on TV.  YOU GOT SERVED!

  • http://robotsloveus.com sparky

    You just can’t shrug off your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    We are FULLY committed to Sparkle Motion!

  • redkillmachine

    I’m speechless.

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