Paper Bag Pianist

by Dhsu on September 28, 2005 · 9 comments

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I dunno how many people have played Castlevania 3 before, but I recently made a little video of myself playing the Clockwork theme.

With a paper bag over my head

In case you didn’t catch the reference, it’s somewhat of a parody of the Blindfolded Pianist. Believe me when I say it’s not as hard as it looks.  It’s all muscle memory.

(P.S. The bag says “Ted & Debbie’s Flower & Garden.”)

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  • Irish Pirate

    That was great!

    …Rock on lol … (^.^)

  • .alphamonkey.

    You totally smoked that guy.

  • The Good Reverend

    Notice how we never saw the front of the bag.  I bet you cut a hole in the front.  Conspiracy!

    Seriously though, nicely done.

  • Dhsu

    Whoops, ya got me!

    Nah, actually I just forgot to show the front…I’ll be sure to do it next time.  Though I imagine the more I try to prove it, the more suspicious people will be…

  • Haserhud

    holy creeking crap. at first I thought this was going to be just another “blindfolded guy plays relatively simple video game theme”

    But this is some of the craziest piano playing Iv’e ever seen.

  • olivesmarch4th

    Yeah, you’re a very talented pianist.  Crazy awesome.  Yay!

  • mizeryschyld

    You smoked that piano…

    The most I can do is play the FF opening themes or Aeris’s theme…

    -_- I suck.

  • Kimberly

    You totally need to rethink your selection of bags. Ted and Debbie’s charges way too much for their mulch.

  • Dhsu

    Ha, sorry…I’ll use the Brahms bag next time.

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