The Ladder Theory Speaks The Truth

by The Scarlet Harlot on September 8, 2005 · 4 comments

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Buddha poses this question: Can men and women only be “friends”?  The rating system is a riot, for that matter the whole site has some great insights to relationships. Given it’s all done as a hoax, but how much of it rings true?

(some language not meant for little ears or work)

From the site:The ladder theory is a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women

are attracted to each other. It also covers such topics as why women

sometimes just want to be friends but men always want sex. It is based upon

many years of sociological field testing, and was first conceptualized in

1994 in Exeter, CA by Dallas Lynn with acknowledgements to Jared Whitson for

his role in formalizing the theory.

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  • ArnoldPistachio

    i really don’t think this was done as a hoax

  • Dhsu

    Ditto.  Like the guy says, it’s 100% field-tested, and I’ve yet to come across any counter-evidence to this theory.

  • Snarf

    Can lesbians be friends with women?

  • HarvestReaper

    I gueese they could but someone has to be a Butcha and she probaly cant have same sex friends without wanting to “Dine at her pink taco stand”, but thats just a guesse.  So dont hold me too it but it sounds right, then again its 9:44 am and im only in second period so yea, anything sounds right and i really need me some coffee and food,

    Can some one bring me Coffee and Taco Bell’s Grilled stuffed burrito? If so i like my coffee black!

    O and im in New Jersey so yea drive Fast, really really fast.

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