This kid is crazy

by The Scarlet Harlot on September 26, 2005 · 6 comments

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This video shows a kid’s ability to completely put on his “game face” while performing his athletic talents. Thank goodness for ESPN 2 or how else would we be entertained?

Actually, this kid is pretty impressive with his little Kung Fu act; it’s all in the power of the bow staff.

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  • Illumino

    Freaky kid.  More like baton twirling than martial arts really – you wouldn’t last long in a fight if you kept chucking your weapon in the air, I reckon… pretty good at it though.

  • Heretique

    Oh. My. Bob.

    That kid is freaking scary. Imagine if he was your paperboy…

  • The Scarlet Harlot


  • Heretique

    And he’d get it! Lane would have no chance against that skill!

  • PesterTheJester

    Yeah I saw this when it was on TV.  That little kid can rock.  It was a good competition overall.

  • The Good Reverend

    When your parents give you a haircut like that, you HAVE to be able to defend yourself.

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