World of Warcraft gets a taste of Chaos Theory

by alphamonkey on September 22, 2005 · 10 comments

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The popular online role-playing game World of Warcraft has been hit by the first ever online epidemic.

All I can say is Awe-some!

Basically the story is this:  Blizzard Games released a game update which endowed a non-player baddie with an disease attack called ‘Corrupted Blood’ (pleasant, eh?), a nasty piece of work that continuously damages infected players until they are healed or die.  It also infects anyone within range of the carrier, making it one mean little motorscooter of an attack.

However, the programmers didn’t take into account the idea of a lone character being able to survive the disease long enough to wander back to populated areas, which of course had to happen, and wouldn’t you know it that those infected carriers went to other cities and towns, infecting whole servers.  So now entire online cities are being ravaged by a virtual disease that the game’s developers have no idea how to fix. 

That is so kickass on so many levels. 

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  • killdozr

    i play computer games, but i have no idea what WoWarcraft is about – if your character dies, does it cost you money to build a new one? Or just time and effort?

    MMPORG’s are kind of a mystery to me.

    but this phenomenon is completely awesome – how long do you think it will take some group inside the game to form a “Minutemen Militia” that patrols the borders of towns, and will shoot on sight?

    …or conjure.

    …or lightning bolt.

    …or whatever.

  • Pragmatist

    I play a lot of computer games, mostly mmorpgs.  I played WoW for a little while, only got to lvl 25. 

    If you die in WoW from what I remember you turn into a ghost and appear back at the graveyard in town, then you have to run back to your corpse to come back to life…I honestly dont remember if there where any other penalties for death.

    This plague does sound pretty cool though.

  • Heretique

    That’s freaking awesome. Maybe FEMA should take notes…

  • Haserhud

    This is great

  • mizeryschyld

    It sort of reminds me of several well-known zombie-spawning movies and games of recent times.

  • fealty2dahriyah

    i miss the good ole days of reality when we feared health epidemics instead of forces of nature…. why gawd why

  • fullmetal

    It would suck if they decided to introduce that to The Magical Kingdom Of Asgarnia in RuneScape. (Yes, goddamnit, I play Rune Scape) I would be dead in like, like, like, like, uhhh….. like, like, hmm….. maybe, like, 10 minutes

    Anyway. I think that is the most kickass thing I’ve seen happen to WoW, it’s hilarious that they didnt think of those consequences. They might have to give out antidotes, or magical holy potions of healing and the returning of health and joy and not dyingness. Just like a vaccintaion office!!! except, maybe the vaccines would get contaminated…. and… and… and then all would be lost, WoW would shut down, and all kinds of people would come play Runescape, where I would trick the poor RS noobs into giving me money…. meheheheheh. money… Mer…

    Of course, God would never give me that…. Everyne knows that youonly have to be level 1 to use holy potions of healing and the returning of health and joy and not dyingness, And everyone knows it would have to be a level 125 virus with +17 infectinglyness maybe even with a lvl 20 unholiness with Death and the grim reaper and the Jell-o and the pudding and the dying of the death and fun. But, a virus can’t get to level 125, no… It has to go to the chaos altar of Zamorianka and get blessed by the God of all evil, maybe then…. But, noo… that couldnt possibly happen, Zamorianka was killed years ago in Sri Lanka while on vacation when the tsunami hit…. so… that couldnt happen… unless, the virus went to the altar of bringing of the back from the land of the dying and death and fun and brought him back to life. then, then would i get sweet sweet legal virtual tender from RuneScape noobs…. hahah… ha ha ha ha ha… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    How sad is the world? But I have kavorkian scaaaarff… On my neck. -PiLl-Z the squirrel

    I would like to thank Myself, my imagination, and my wild thoughts about MMORDRNMARPGs or, whatever the hell they are. Yes, i play ONE typ, RuneScape. and Ill WIll Press for PiLl-z’s kavorkian scarf song.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all night

  • Avecrien

    Me too.

  • fullmetal

    wa that a little too much??

  • daemoneyes

    metal, did you not read the Rev’s post about what happens to you when you drink too much redbull?

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