October 2005

What’s up with those Germans? Here is a music video that shows us that anything can be accomplished while laying down on the job.

Directed by: Datenstrude

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Easily one of the most beautarded web-comics we’ve ever seen, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja has turned us into to simpering fan-boys with just a single issue.  Read it!

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The Current is part of Minnesota Public Radio, broadcasting on 89.3 in the Twin Cities.  Why should you care?  Well, besides being a phenomenal music station, their website has streaming audio files of all their in-studio performances/interviews with the best of today’s music makers. It’s a goldmine for music lovers wanted to hear their favorite artists stripped down to the essentials of their work. 

(Casey Chambers and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot pictured)

I’ve been digging on the Nada Surf performance, as well as a really interesting Bob Mould performace.  My favorite has been hearing The Eels tackle the Prince gem ‘I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man’.

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Shingo Mama

by Dhsu on October 31, 2005 · 8 comments

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For those who just can’t get enough Shingo, of “Rolling Bomber Special” fame.

Apparently this was officially endorsed by Japan’s Ministry of Education.  Also, watch for a cameo appearance from a special American guest.

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A pictorial collection into the exploration of people with too much idle time.

There’s a lot of condoms pictured on this site, but no nudity at all.  If you get caught looking at it, just tell your office in your most earnest and sincere voice, “I’m not only supporting, and I not only believe in safe sex…..”

*tenderly put a tender hand on the nearest colleague’s shoulder*

“…..I believe in all of us to protect ourselves from everything….

…..and I deeply care about all of you.”

Tear up while delivering that last line, and you can get away with anything.

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Gizmag brings you 20 ideas in urban transport.

Spacely didn’t even make the list…

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Okay, so it’s Halloween here, too.  And everywhere else for that matter, but over at RazorFine Review 2.0, it’s all Halloween all day long.  Our favorite horror film reviews, as well as some top 10 goodness await you.  Dig it, and dig RazorFine’s new format and review system while you’re at it

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Levon Jihanian has some weird and freakish tastes, just look at his art if you don’t believe us.

Levon’s work is pretty versatile between pencil, paint, and print, too bad there isn’t more to see of it.

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by brandedtokill on October 31, 2005

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Trick or Treaters from yesteryear.

This whole site is amazing. But check out the vintage (50’s, 60’s and 70’s) series of kids Halloween costumes!

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Here is a classic music video from the poetic master of folk-rock, Bob Dylan, recorded during The Concert for Bangladesh.

They just don’t do it like they use to. Nothing fancy, just Bob and the guys (the guys being George Harrison and Leon Russell) singing.

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