40 Years of Realism

by Heretique on October 12, 2005 · 5 comments

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The photorealist paintings of Ralph Goings.

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  • Illumino

    I reckon his more painterly stuff is definitely more appealing.  Although I can appreciate the extreme technical skill involved in photorealism, what I can’t seem to grasp is the point.  Surely it’d be more challenging (not to mention more interesting)to portray stuff realistically that you don’t get in everyday life? If you want a picture of a ketchup bottle or “Safeway Interior” (wtf?) take a photo imho, or it stops being art and become technical drawing (*hehe, opens can of worms*). Unless of course you have an unhealthy obsession with fast food condiment dispensing equipment.

  • mizeryschyld

    That just shows the abrupt realism in that you obviously can’t appreciate art or even the SKILL it took this man to create these images.

    To belittle his work like that is completely uncalled for.

  • Illumino

    As I said, I prefer his painterly work, and also, as I said, I can appreciate the extremely high degree of skill required to produce photorealistic artwork (as an artist myself I am well aware of this!).  The rest is an opinion on his subject matter, nothing more, something you should get used to if you intend to spend any constructive time participating in weblogs : ) My puzzlement at his choice of a supermarket interior as a subject should in no way diminish your enjoyment of this very fine artist, is all.

    (opin·ion (n) 1.: a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter. Implies a conclusion thought out yet open to dispute.)

  • japhy

    photorealism or iperrealismo is for me pretty uninteresting. Most of the time is a pure technical exercise. with this i don’t want to belittle the skill and in many case the talent (that i wish i would have).

    unfortunately the photorealism (in my modest opinion) got stuck after the 70’s in a glossy, emotionless depiction of the alienation of life. hats off for the skills, but what this artist want to comunicate me? (beside what i mentioned before?)

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