Do You Like Waffles?

by Boss Robot on October 17, 2005 · 15 comments

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As I watch this video, I ask my self…why can’t I seem to get a mouthfull???

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  • .alphamonkey.

    Sooooooooo awesome!

  • ArnoldPistachio

    Sooooooooo lame!

  • .alphamonkey.

    Why do you hate America?

  • ArnoldPistachio

    Because I got a BJ there once and my schwantz got a shanker on it.

  • .alphamonkey.


  • ArnoldPistachio

    America = Place where you contract sexual diseases from prostitutes.  Believe me, I know first hand.

    The “services” I’ve received in other places in the world, and believe me, there have been many, resulted in no repercussions requiring visits to free clinics.

  • Snarf

    what about the waffles?  Are they good too?

  • ArnoldPistachio

    Belgium is the only place where I will order waffles…or get a rim job.

  • Snarf

    Speaking of waffles…Have you ever killed a hooker?

  • ArnoldPistachio

    I may or may not have choked the life out of a tranny prostitute in Prague when I found out that “it” had some unexpected “equipment”

  • Snarf

    Sometimes you have to settle for french toast.

  • Boss Robot

    awesome!!! My first post! If you don’t support waffles then the terrorists win.

  • Snarf

    Perfect stoner animation.  I love waffles.

  • Qing


    I had to laugh.

  • fullmetal

    oh lord! the whole world has seen the evils of the evil waffle dancing… guy… and the stick, and the smile guy. uhh…. *brain fizzes* when did i become stupid?

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