Excellence In Media: The Today Show

by alphamonkey on October 17, 2005 · 1 comment

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That bastion of hard-hitting investigative journalism, The Today Show, has done it again with their in-depth look at the recent flooding in the Northeast.  Not only have they found flooded streets, they’ve found holy men!

Be sure to watch this through to the end to watch both the remote reporter and the studio folk try to wring some dignity from this. 

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  • Heretique

    Love it!

    I especially love that they gave her more time on camera and she made a bigger ass of herself as she got swept out of scene in the current (this after “measuring” the water with her oar (about 11 inches deep) and announcing it was 3-4 feet deep (all the while another person was standing below knee deep in the background))!

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