Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends

by The Scarlet Harlot on October 28, 2005 · 10 comments

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Green Day’s latest video, Wake Me Up When September Ends, has some hot talent with Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell and possibly some political venue.

The video plays to a close comparison of a short film and even closer to our hearts in the time of conflict and separation of young lovers.

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  • Haserhud

    A song originally written about the death of Billy Joe’s father has been turned into a syrup sugary wal-mart love story to tug at the hearts of the hot-topic 14 year olds who wear “fuck bush” T-shirts but aren’t sure why.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yah, because buddha forbid someone interpret a song differently than the creator.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I think it’s an interesting take on it, actually.  It’s berift of any real moralizing or judgement.

  • andyc

    Glad to see that Green Day has a “mild” political stance for their new video, but for the love of gawd please stop Billy Joe from wearing any more eyeliner!!  He looks like a walking i-pod commerical!

  • Morceau

    godamnit. In buddha’s name can we please get some of the 22-year-old appealing videos in quicktime format!? i mean, sure, we all love windows media player, but it cuts off alot of sound and ending for me for some reason.

    Btw, I’m morceau, I’m somewhat new to this site but havn’t left any comments….

  • .alphamonkey.

    meh.  Quicktime is a filesize hog for what we do, and as an added bonus I typically re-config every video we post into surround sound.

  • dthatcher

    On my system:

    Quicktime 7 crashes Firefox 1 out of 3 times.

    The WMP 10 plugin for Firefox loses video when I adjust the volume via the slider on the plugin.

    The only thing that works consistently on my system is RealPlayer, but I hardly expect you to go to that.

    Hey I know. Forget streaming, just make us all direct download mp4 or divx video files! smile

  • .alphamonkey.

    We’re actually working toward a cross-system media holder that should eliminate all those issues.

  • labrazio

    surround sound? I would like some THX please…with the little into and everything.

  • labrazio

    …the little INTRO, I mean.

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