How’s about a little WTF?

by alphamonkey on October 17, 2005 · 5 comments

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Don’t know the name of the band.  Don’t know the name of the song.  Don’t even know what it’s all about.  But it’s weird.  Very weird.  Like, more so than normal.  And it’s Asian.

Oh, and it’s kinda NSFW.

Is there an Asian version of the Bloodhound Gang?  One of you wise world travellers out there clue us in, ‘cause we’re having trouble sleeping now. 

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  • Dhsu

    Well, according to their website, Loh Tsui Kweh (LTK) Commune is apparently an indie Taiwanese parody band with a tendency towards political material and a focus on outrageous stage antics as opposed to actual musical performance.

    Trust me, though…your guess as to what’s happening in that video is as good as mine.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You are the most handy guy to have around.

  • Dhsu

    You’re welcome.

  • drizzt495

    All i can say is…WTF…definitely nsfw btw =]

    THose 2 fat guys goin at it made me think village people…the construction helmts i think…

  • redkillmachine

    I know it’s Chinese or Taiwanese, but that’s the most I can figure out. That was just …odd.

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