Lil’ Markie

by alphamonkey on October 20, 2005 · 7 comments

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Lil’ Markie is the alter ego of Mark Fox, who uses his ability to sing in a freakish child voice to sing cautionary Christian tales.  This video has Fox doing a duet with himself, using both his voice and Lil’ Markie’s.  Cre-epy.

Why is so much modern gospel style music so scary?

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  • ArnoldPistachio

    was that guy ever on saved by the bell?

  • Haserhud


  • that guy

    this guy can’t be serious, i just can’t accept that any human being could listen to one of his songs let alone buy an entire CD of that. This makes me lose even more faith in humaity

  • Gimpy

    This guy makes me feel sick.  My stomach turned, might be that I haven’t eaten for a while, but I’d rather not test the theory.

  • Illumino

    WTF’s with the maniac-psycho-axe-killer baby laughter?? Sweet jaysus. He’s like the chubby demon spawn of Billy Graham and Chucky… freeeeak!!

  • .alphamonkey.

    “WTF’s with the maniac-psycho-axe-killer baby laughter??”

    Too true.

  • Haserhud

    People like this don’t live on earth, I’ll tell you that.  They live somewhere else, and maybe someone should help them or lock them away.

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