Rolling Bomber Special

by alphamonkey on October 25, 2005 · 16 comments

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SMAP (Sports Music Assemble People) is kind of like Japan’s version of The Monkees, except that SMAP garners a lot more respect than the Monkees ever did (ZolarCzakl’s deep and abiding love, notwithstanding.) Anyway, here’s a short film from one of SMAP’s collections called Rolling Bomber Special.  It’s like the stoner version of Power Rangers, only told from an outsider’s perspective.

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  • jimbert

    that was amazing!!!!

  • daemoneyes

    The monkey rules!  Now, I want to drink “Popsi” and have my own army of evil minions to do my bidding.  I think I’ll pass on the whole spikes-popping-out-of-my-back thing, though.

  • .alphamonkey.

    It’s kind of an all-inclusive deal. Sorry.

  • Dhsu

    Thanks for reminding me why I love Japan so much.

  • chairface

    That was fanfreakintastic!! On a side note, does anyone have the pink ranger’s phone number?

  • .alphamonkey.


  • chairface

    Yeah, I called her and things were going great until I found out she doesn’t go anywhere without those idiot Defender Freshman buddies of hers. I’m afraid that’s a deal breaker. Oh well, there are other fish in the sea I guess. sigh….

  • .alphamonkey.

    Call that number and ask for Jenna.  I hear she’s good to go.

  • chairface

    Sorry, vapid blondes who are the progeny of morons don’t really do it for me, but I’ll keep her in mind when I’m REALLY drunk.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, at least you’ll be on equal ground then.

  • chairface

    Exactly, I think the challenge would be finding a time when she wasn’t wasted. What do you expect though, I’ve heard that substance abuse runs in her family.

  • Thundarr

    Hey, cheap shot at the Monkees.  I will remind you that at one time the Monkees at the height of their popularity were outselling the Beattles in the good ol’ USA.  I’ll defend ‘em tell the end, say what you want about performances, the songs themselves are pretty damn good.

  • Heretique

    That went to 11.

  • jimbert

    why has the link picture changed??

  • special_edday

    Edday Aproves this Movie.

  • jimbert

    oh look its magically changed back!!

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