Smurf War

by alphamonkey on October 14, 2005 · 3 comments

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Ever since I read a news peice about UNICEF’s latest ad campaign, I’ve been anxiously wanting to see how far they went with it. 

They went pretty far

After watching that, I realize that Gargamel must have been the world’s biggest pushover.  I mean really, he got outdone by UNICEF!

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  • Gray Ghost

    Oooohhh…my…god.  I laughed, but there’s something more then just a little disturbing to see my childhood friends get annihilated and Baby Smurf crying like the child of Nanking. 

    This is horrible!

  • Bayuss

    gets the point across,though,don’t it?

  • SonSon2

    I dunno. I just found it really really funny. Funny in the way that is overkill to the max. It’s like using a bazooka to kill a kitten.

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