Swan’s Room

by alphamonkey on October 17, 2005 · 4 comments

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Yes, it’s yet another locked room mystery game.

I sense a trend.

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  • Chaud

    YES!! I love these games. This is takagism again right? Man, those room games are so fun, I can’t get enough of them. I just died in a fatal bomb accident in that room, there must be lots I haven’t figured out yet, cause those papers got alot of lines on them, some of which glow in the dark. Once that bomb started ticking I got antsy and started tryin to cut wires, I tried cuttin the blue on first and nothing happened, i probably shoulda kept trying cause once i tried the red I exploded into little vr bits. Good times. Who’s gonna be the first spoiler to waste their time making a walk through? I might use it if it comes down to it.


    from i-am-bored: *spoiler warning*















    1.Open drawer and get apple

    2.Eat apple to get seed

    3.Go to the bookshelf and get the wire cutters

    4.Go to the sofa and look under for the briefcase

    5.Look behind the arm of the sofa for the air conditioning remote

    6.Look in the shelf beneath for the mug

    7.Get the small key from the ashtray

    8.Get the first battery from the plant next to the sofa

    9.Use the key on the computer desk to get a file

    10.Open the bottom drawer in the desk and use the wire cutters to open the box

    11.Get the planter and a piece of wire

    12.Use the wire cutters on the wire to bend it

    13.Use the bent wire on the suitcase in the bookshelf to find a screwdriver

    14.Use the screwdriver on the clock to get the re-charger

    15.Get the second battery from the clock

    16.Stick the batteries in the re-charger and plug it into the socket under the desk

    17.Get the batteries out once it’s fully charged and put it in the remote

    18.Get password for computer from clock face.  Click the squares on the computer coresponding to the clock. click twice for red.

    19.Change the temperature according to the instructions on the computer

    20.Fill the mug at the fish tank.  Put the seed in the pot and water it. Water it again after it sprouts and you change the temp. Wait for the plant to grow

    21.Get the key from the fruit

    22.To decode the papers, put a battery back in the clock and use the new time as the 2nd password.  Then put the papers in front of the web cam to decode.

    23.Use the key from the fruit with your briefcase

    24.To defuse the bomb, remove all the screws. Quickily go for the top left screw. wait til greenlight then bottom right screw,wait. top right screw,wait then bottom left screw. Waiting for green light, click on switch with green wire but do not cut it. Then cut orange wire. Then when safe cut yellow one. Finally depending on what clue you have from p4, you should cut blue or red wire. When last wire is cut, grab the key from the slot and face door to use it.

  • HarvestReaper

    Ok i cant get the wires to switch.  I can get the thing open no problem but how do you switch the wires??

  • JD

    What you do is you press the little switch above the wire specified.

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