There’s Always Room for Jello

by alphamonkey on October 24, 2005 · 5 comments

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Elizabeth Hickok takes ingenuity to new heights with her Jello San Francisco.  Roll that one around in your brain for a bit: the entirety of San Francisco done in Jello.

Well, it’d sure make earthquakes fun, now wouldn’t it?

(the video was silent, so I put a little music in there for you good people)

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  • Shadow Stalker

    Clever.  Seeing all those erect, quivering buildings sure does makes me think of San Francisco.

  • ArnoldPistachio

    I wish you wouldn’t have bothered with the inane jello vid and just posted the GBV song.

  • Shadow Stalker

    The RIAA is afraid of jello.

  • David Murray

    Two words…panning and zooming…brings a whole new level of excitement to videos. Gee whiz!

  • Shadow Stalker

    We don’t need none of your new-fangled, communist degrees of freedom!

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