Moving Canvas

by alphamonkey on November 7, 2005 · 7 comments

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Here’s a cool little project to sassy up your train and subway rides: Moving Canvas, a project that puts projectors on the side of trains to display moving images outside the windows.  Neat!

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  • Sproket

    One of these artists is gonna get shot one day when they are sticking their bomb-like device to a subway train…

    I love art and all that but did it occur to these numb nuts that the joy of seeing little projected birds and stuff on the subway tunnel might be countered by the fear of being blown into a million peices by something that appears to be a terrorist device stuck to the outside of the train?

  • Bayuss

    …and the times they are a-cha-angin’

  • HarvestReaper

    Did you even stop to think of how many stoner’s you could screw with!!!  One minute there touching the sky the next there back on the subway with a pastor of stuff around them.  I honestly would love to see them freak out.  I think that seeing them get off the train and be Like “Were’d the birds go?  They were just there.” Then end up walking back into the tunnel to find the field and get eaten by a Giant Roach/Rat hybrid and get up getting geting fed to the things hybrid children and there last words would be “Yea i’ll have a medium pizza”.  Of course then you could have some crazy T.V have hidden camera’s set up and have some sick Canded camera episod that would never get aired cause the camera man fell asleep and forgot to shot/shock the hybrid beast and save the guy. 

    So see this would be a good idea

    P.S would defianatly cut back on the homeless people sleeping in the tunnels.

  • RadioactiveCrotch

    I’m with sprocket on this one, these guys are completely retarded. There isn’t money in art, but I’m sure a terrorist organization would pay these idiots a wad of cash to attach “stuff” to subway cars.

  • Mark Wiechmann

    HarvestReaper…scaring stoners isn’t fun, why not giving people the most spacey ride of their live LOL

    really like the project!

  • HarvestReaper

    Sure it is, its the funniest thing in the world.  Come on you know you get a good laugh at watching them looking like complete idiots!

  • HarvestReaper

    But i do agree it would be way to easy for a terrioroist to get or pay some off you has this job screw with he train, they could easily stick a bomb to a passing train

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