by mrcookieface on November 8, 2005 · 1 comment

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Wayyyyy back in the day, long before MTV, some jukeboxes were equipped with a 26 inch screen that enabled anyone with 25 cents to view and enjoy their favorite artists’ latest hits in video.

It was a monster of a machine called the Scopitone..

The idea seemed to take off mainly with the French, and thus the swinging sixties French videos are the best.  The above pic links to my favorite French pop star, the smoking rake, Serge Gainsbourg, who stars in this rompy 1967 vid with the lovely Bridget Bardot.

There’s so much camp to view on this site.  SO GIT TA CLICKIN’!

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  • daemonkat

    The lyrics in this wonderful video that Bridget Bardot is singing are strangely akin to those of Cvalda, a song from Dancer In The Dark…. I think it was written by Björk.

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