The Dark Bible

by mrcookieface on November 8, 2005 · 4 comments

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All the best parts of the good book!

The bloody and perverted parts!

This link can’t be NSFW, right?  I mean, after all, it’s in The Bible!

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  • HarvestReaper

    Umm i have to say that if this is a real thing….WOW that just puts a new spin on everything.  The fact that we as humans we led to believe that the almighty was a loving and compassionate Lord no matter what, not unless you done believe in him.  But a “good” christian would say that this is a work of the devil.  So really this whole thing boils down to wether or not you believe it!?  Why would a compassionte god slaughter thousands and let others slaughter thousands in his name.  I would be pissed if people killed millions in my name.  It just makes you thing and brings up sooo many questions

  • Bayuss

    the Bible was written by Man,and Man is nothing of not contradictory…the Book was written as a means through which the few can control the many,using that which is revered by them…who’s to say for certain the Bible has not been adulterated over the many centuries of it’s existence by those who sought to control through fear and shame beyond it’s original intent? and let’s remember the Old Testament is simply a chronicle of the Israeli people,whereas the New Testament is a chronicle of one man’s teachings in person and by proxy..and ALL of it is second-hand knowledge at BEST! you can’t get the *whole world* to understand *your* point, we have a few here that like part of it,a few there that like another part but not that part,and so on,ad infinitum..the contradoctions of the Bible are simply the authors’(notice the plurality) attempt to cover as much of their base as possible

  • jimbert

    wow that stuff is deep, i’m liking the whole God is war thing though

  • Chief

    Hail Satan!

    And bill o’rielly.

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