William Tell

by mrcookieface on November 14, 2005 · 16 comments

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I love this guy’s hollow threat….

….How’s he gonna deliver on that?  NSFW language.

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  • http://www.aaaband.com killdozr

    sigh…i don’t know…maybe Darwin WAS WRONG.

  • http://www.aaaband.com killdozr

    actually, now that i think about it – this film is fake.

    a new shiny nickel to anyone who can tell me why.

  • mackjaz

    I’m guessing here… shouldn’t the debris from the bottle have gone in all different directions?  as opposed the visually obvious (and camera friendly) side to side?

  • daemoneyes

    I’m thinking that it’s the vapor trail of the bullet passing side to side, and the fact that there was hardly any muzzle flash from the pistol.

  • shannon

    oh mr. fredryk phox

  • http://xanga.com/special_Edday special_edday

    The Barrel chamber is way to small, and you wouldn’t necessarily see a muzzle flash, and a bullet at that range wouldn’t have a vapor trail that visible, so my guess is that the firearm is an “AirPistol” and the effects were added in. you can see the markers, for a blue screen maybe?.

  • http://www.aaaband.com killdozr

    nope – first: the guy doesn’t actually have the bottle on his head. he’s standing about 2 feet in front of it, but the way the camera is off to his left, and level to his face, this can be concealed.

    second: camera placement also plays a big part in this, as his shooter (with blanks) is in front, to his left, and other guy with a gun with real bullets on the right side, just off camera, and slightly behind the stander.

    so basically – to see how this film is faked, watch the last part of the slo-mo sequence. the smoke trail from the real gun goes from right to left across the screen, behind the standing guy (who was never in danger). also- once the guy ducks and runs forward, you can also see the small platform the bottle was on, fastened to a thin pole.

    good fake, but the conviction that these guys are pretty stupid still stands, since they can’t even conceal the actual trick.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    There’s a pole that the bottle is on, yes, but he is leaning directly against it.  That’s not enough for me to discount it.

    The vapor you see is the air inside the bottle spreading outwards (the tree is behind it so it moves left/right since it can’t move backwards) as the bottle is shattered.  That’s not a contrail from a bullet.  There wouldn’t be a vapor trail from the gun to the target, at least not one you could see.  Especially so considering how close the shooter is to the target.  He’s what? 20 feet from the target?  Bullets travel a wee bit too fast for there to be a visible trail.

    I say it’s the real deal.  What confuses me about you considering it a fake is the idea that there’d be another shooter using live rounds off camera.  What’s the point of that?  The reason to fake something like that for safety.  Having another shooter kinda negates that.

  • http://www.aaaband.com killdozr

    i dont’ think he’s leaning directly against it, but whichever.

    and i’m still certain that the smoke is the contrail from the side bullet – because the gun using blanks makes a small one too.

    again – the shooter using live rounds off-camera wouldn’t pose a threat to the guy standing, because IMO, the guy isn’t standing directly under the bottle, he’s a few feet in front of it, making him a few feet in front of the guy firing the live rounds at the bottle from the side.

    even if the guy was only 15 inches in front of the pole, but the shooter from the side only had to hit the target from 2 feet away, it would be easy.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Live rounds is live rounds, and a miss is a miss.. Having a shooter off camera still makes no sense from a safety point of view. An accidental headshot is still a headshot.

  • http://www.aaaband.com killdozr

    well, sure – i guess i’ll have to retract the “in no danger” comment – but, did it LOOK safe enough for that camo wearing moron to say, “okay – let’s do it. that’s an easy shot.”

    sure was.

    i’m also comforted by the notion that the actual bullet probably sped off, half a mile down the road and lodged in some house wall, or car, instead of an innocent bystander’s chest. real forward thinking there, guys.

    oh oh

  • daemoneyes

    Actually, I mis-spoke when I said “vapor trail”.  No bullet, except for a tracer round, leaves a visible vapor trail, not at the ranges we’re talking about here.

    That pistol, if it were real, is at least a .38 caliber, looking at the barrel and cylinder diameters.  Even without a visible muzzle flash (the monkey’s right, there isn’t always a visible flash), there would still be considerably more smoke than that.

    Kill’s right, the bottle is shot from the right of the screen, and the smoke, fragments, etc. follow the path of the bullet.  To see a similar example of this, you can take a look at the photo on this site,


    taken by a man named Edgerton, who first figured out how to use strobe lights to “stop” a speeding bullet, among other things.

    Also, if the bottle had been shot from the front, there would be a bullet hole and some splinters on the pole behind idiot #1.  Not like you see from the squibs used in movies, but still noticeable.  Trust me, four years in the Corps allowed me to see a lot of bullets, going in various directions.  And when they’re going by you, 2 feet is still too damn close to do it voluntarily, even if you trust the shooter implicitly.  Especially when making a retarded stunt clip such as this one.

    All in all, I can’t believe we’re actually debating this clip’s authenticity.  Any way you look at it, it is still a stupid thing to do.  I agree with Kill’s initial post, Darwin might not have seen the whole picture.  Or modern medical science is allowing too many of the less fit members of the species to survive and reproduce. smirk

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    That’s not a .38.  That’s a magnum, Dirty Harry style. Barrel is too long for a .38.

  • daemoneyes

    Actually, they come in various lengths.  I have a S&W model 686 with a 6” barrel, chambered for .38 special, but it also comes with a 5” or 4” barrel.  They even have .22 magnums with a 10” barrel.  It’s easier to fake stuff like this with a revolver anyway.  Much harder to pull it off with a semi-auto.  Ahhh, I miss my old 1911 Colt from the Corps.

  • http://xanga.com/special_Edday special_edday

    I do believe its a 45 acp round popping off.

  • daemoneyes

    Oh, yeah, almost forgot.  Watch the slow-mo part of the clip.  The “pistol” goes off a split second before the real gun out of frame. wink

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