December 2005

Whew!  Do you have any idea how many music videos I had to wade through for this list?  December alone was chock full of some seriously great music videos, but in the end camp and quirk won out.  I mean really, how could we not include the Village People’s ’Do the Milkshake‘ number from Can’t Stop the Music?  Shockingly enough, the fact that the Village People made a movie wasn’t common knowledge.  A lot of linking sites seemed to think that it was a legitimate commercial.  Wow.

And to close out our year-long video roundup, I just had to go with Andrew Thompson’s great clip for ’There Must Be Some Kind of Misunderstanding‘.  Maybe it’s not the most complex of musical numbers, nor is it a particularly stunning video, but it is the video that I personally played the most this month.

And that just about does it for well…the year, really.  We’ll see you all bright and early next year at 8:00am like always.  While the future of 06 may not be clear, we can probably safely assume that the internet will still be chock full of weird/good/cool stuff to look at. 

Happy New Year, everybody!


November gave us some great clips, but the animated ones won out.  JuniorSenior’s 8-bit clip for ’Move Your Feet‘ is a favorite pick-me-up bookmark of mine, and Hifana’s ’Wamono‘ (slightly NSW) just blew us away with the quality of the animation (and it’s sheer weirdness).


Both of our October entries have a retro thing going on with their sound.  Chromeo takes you back to the heydays of late 80s/Early 90’s R&B with ’Needy Girl‘, while The Heavy Blilnkers settle on a much more decidedly 70’s sound with ’Try Telling That To My Baby‘.


September was a weird month, what with the extended break in posting brought on by a certain monkey’s wedding, but two of my personal favorite clips showed up that month.  Nada Surf’s awesome ’Always Love‘ and Coheed & Cambria’s homage to Clash of the Titans, ’Suffering


By August we’d pretty much firmly decided that we liked posting music videos, huh?  Maybe it’s our association of the song with the finale of Six Feet Under, but we really dug Sia’s ”Breathe Me“.  The concept has been done before, but it seems to really fit the haunting tone of the song. 

On the other side of the spectrum is Nina Paley’s first installment of her Sitayana film ”Dandaka“, which puts the wonderful sounds of Annette Hanshaw up against Paley’s equally wonderful animation.


In July we posted this backyard video gem from Ok Go, which was choreographed by the lead singer’s sister, and was originally intended to be just a a routine the group would use to end their live shows, but it took on a life of it’s own.  It’s a beautifully well done clip which spawned many imitators, yet only cost about $25 dollars to make.  Awesome!

Soon thereafter we stumbled across the Avalache’s psycho-freakout Frontier Psychiatrist video which has sat on the “Popular Posts” list ever since.


June’s winners are another example of opposing styles.  It’s impossible to not adore The Ditty Bop’s old-timey feel on Wishful Thinking.  Seriously. If you don’t adore it, I will totally fight you.  The Chalet’s go for a more synthy tech feel with their clever spot for Feel the Machine

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Our favorite videos from May were actually posted back-to-back, though they couldn’t be more different. Jamiroquai’s Feels Just Like It Should went for crazy magical white pimp in the hood action, while Wormeye Film’s clip for the Kidz Bop version of Since You’ve Been Gone went all fuzzy-wuzzy (and screaming kids-y).  Both of them tickled our fancy, and both were songs we’d rather not admit that we really, really liked.


April brought us the spooky beauty of Carpark North’s Human, as well as a double shot of Beatlemania courtesy of William Shatner and the Fab Four themselves.



March gave us the phenomenal video for the Gorillaz’s Feel Good Inc. as well as the creepy paranoia of The Chemical Brother’s I Believe.