2005 – The Year In Music Videos (December)

by alphamonkey on December 30, 2005 · 0 comments

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Whew!  Do you have any idea how many music videos I had to wade through for this list?  December alone was chock full of some seriously great music videos, but in the end camp and quirk won out.  I mean really, how could we not include the Village People’s ’Do the Milkshake‘ number from Can’t Stop the Music?  Shockingly enough, the fact that the Village People made a movie wasn’t common knowledge.  A lot of linking sites seemed to think that it was a legitimate commercial.  Wow.

And to close out our year-long video roundup, I just had to go with Andrew Thompson’s great clip for ’There Must Be Some Kind of Misunderstanding‘.  Maybe it’s not the most complex of musical numbers, nor is it a particularly stunning video, but it is the video that I personally played the most this month.

And that just about does it for well…the year, really.  We’ll see you all bright and early next year at 8:00am like always.  While the future of 06 may not be clear, we can probably safely assume that the internet will still be chock full of weird/good/cool stuff to look at. 

Happy New Year, everybody!

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