2005 – The Year In Music Videos (January)

by alphamonkey on December 30, 2005 · 0 comments

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What kind of site would we be if we didn’t do some year end roundup posts? A site with all new content, I guess, but why not take this time to take a gander at some of our favorite videos of the year? Not only are we starting early today with the posts, we’ll be going until 5:00pm CST to cover Transbuddha 05: The Year In Music Videos month by month. 

First up is Charlotte Hatherly’s Bastardo from waaaay back in January. A clever video concept (and a catchy-as-hell song) made all the better by cameos from actors from Shaun of the Dead and Spaced!

Next up from January is Bushes (Norman Cook Remix) from Markus Nikolai. This is still one of the most popular videos we have, strangely enough. Who’d have thought that the facial expressions of women getting Brazilian waxes would be so intriguing?

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