The Toppling Of the Zip Feed Tower

by mrcookieface on December 5, 2005 · 3 comments

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The 202-foot-tall Zip Feed Tower – The tallest building in South Dakota – was scheduled for demolition on Saturday.

The implosion was quite a media event.  A raffle was held with the winner getting to push the button, the best seats were auctioned off with all donations going towards the MS Society, and ultimately they raised $75,000.  Nice job!

….Except……The Zip turned out to be a tough and stubborn lil’ cuss

Click here for the whole story.

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  • SonSon2

    What’s funny is when the building was demolished it made no sound what-so-ever. That is why that big sign that says: BOOM! is there. To let you know there was an explosion.

  • Heretique

    I would have loved to see the demolition team’s faces at T +1.

  • Shadow Stalker

    That must have been one over engineered building to be able to stand like that.

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