The Voice of John Lennon

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Hearing Voices has a couple of tracks mixed with the voices of The Beatles and Lennon including 1963-64 Ed Sulivan Christmas performances and interviews, outtakes, and poetics from Lennon himself.

From the site:

Track 1:”On Ed Sullivan”- an audio essay by host Lynn Neary with Beatles live performances and 1963-64 fanclub Christmas messages.

“All We Are Saying” by Barrett Golding- Lennon in his own words and music (interviews, albums, outtakes, antics and poetics) talks about peace, family, and art.

Track 2:”The Day John Lennon Died” by Paul Ingles- Members of the generation jolted by Lennon’s death recall how they heard the news and how deeply this ex-Beatle’s life affected theirs.

“NYC/LA Radio 12/8/1980” & “20th Anniversary Mourners: Imagine 12/8/2000” found-sound from The Professor- the radio dial recorded the night of Lennon’s death, and mourners 20 years later singing in Central Park.

“Pop Vultures: Grief” by Kate Sullivan & Vince DeLorca- Lennon’s “God” as grief counseling, from the radio series Pop Vultures.

About Hearing Voices.

From the site:

HV Website: a collection of the some great radio work from days past and present, accompanied by a variety of photo-audio-hypertextual elements.

HV Radio: a consortium of veteran independent public radio producers working on our public radio projects, funded by CPB/NEA and others. We do docs, sound-portraits, audio essays, etc. What we don’t do is standard reporting or news. The pieces are meant to have a edge, to be moving and engaging.

See/hear: Vox Pop, the Voice of the People, and the Hearing Vocab lexicon.

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