Eastern Motors

by alphamonkey on January 25, 2006 · 7 comments

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Ah….regional advertising. Isn’t it the best?  Check this spot for Eastern Motors, a company that has somehow managed to wrangle some serious star powers to spice up it’s otherwise sub-par advertising.

If Nike tried to put this much sports power in one ad, it’d cost like a gajillion dollars.

What the? LaVar Arrington?

I’m thinking that the owners of Eastern Motors must have some seriously Hooveresque files out there to bring in Clinton Portis, Kevin Jones, and Carmelo Anthony (among others).

Special thanks to gayracula for the clip.

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  • http://somewhatjaded.com superdave

    I live in Virginia, where this is actually aired on tv…it’s the worst commercial I have ever seen!!!

  • Belve

    That maybe the worst .. but to 1. Get those names AND 2.Its got us all talking about it.

    My question is.. does Shaggy (Not the cartoon version) know they are making his song sound better??

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.
  • joebob

    That is pure genius. Nothing instills more faith in an insurance company when their policies are crapped out by a giant bird!

    I guess that gives new meaning to pulling a number out of your ass.

  • Stavros the Hamster

    Ha ha ha! “And many vans!” Awesome.

    Seriously, that’s brilliant. I’ve not heard of any of these folks, but that’s had me in dangerous levels of laughter territory at work here. And I thought our ads for Yes! Car Credit were bad…

  • joebob

    I need to move to a smaller media market, I miss these hokey commercials

  • jimbert

    the birds really is the worst commercial ever!!

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