Burger King – Whopperettes

by alphamonkey on February 6, 2006 · 2 comments

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The intraweb is surely all awash with commentary on yesterday’s Super Bowl XL, so we’ll restrict ourselves to just hitting the spots that actually warrant some mention.  Sadly, most of the spots were either wholly unoriginal (way to ride last year’s coat tails, Career Builder and GoDaddy…) or just plain dumb (Bud Light), but at least a couple of the oft-hyped ads made me take notice.  Burger King fell just short of a really good spot with their Whopperettes number, which combines a little Busby Berkley and random slapstick.

Honestly, this spot just left me cold until the actual ‘creation’ of the burger.  That got a laugh.  Otherwise, it’s just a so-so spot that doesn’t manage to capture the sheer WTF? element of the Bacon Cheddar Ranch spots.  And yes, there’s already an accompanying website for this spot.

Thanks to our pals at DHADM for providing this clip (and the others will be doing today).  Check ‘em out for more in-depth analysis. 

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  • SonSon2

    I thought that spot was the worst commercial of the night. Period.

  • labrazio

    I agree. The worst moment of the night, other than when the Steelers actually won the Super Bowl.

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