VW GTI – UnPimp Your Ride

by alphamonkey on February 24, 2006 · 6 comments

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I saw these VW GTI clips the other night, and they just cracked me up.  click for CatapultFor one, Peter Stromare (who just about steals The Big Lebowski) is a damn icon as far as I’m concerned, but more importantly, I’m all for the destruction of those neon-and-ground fx roadway atrocities.

Pete’s better in threes, so here is ’Catapult‘, ’Crate‘, and ’Wrecking Ball‘.

And damned if those new VWs don’t look slick. 

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  • Big Perm

    That is the best damn commercial I’v seen in a long time.

  • http://xanga.com/special_Edday special_edday

    Who is that Blonde chick?????

  • daemoneyes

    Hi-larious!  The VW gang sign he flashes at the end is the best.  “Representing Deutschland, yo!”

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    I just like that Stromare is you know, Swedish and all.

  • daemoneyes

    “Vere is the money, Lebowski?!”

  • http://www.verbosebastard.com/ GrfxGawd

    “Oh, SNAP!”

    Straight up. Advertising at its best.

    Unpimp your ride. Go ahead…

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