by Schauspieler on March 21, 2006 · 16 comments

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Nick Pfeifer & Aaron Hibberd created a real puzzler with their Grow-like game, Cityscape

You have been assigned to create a new city in a recently discovered region that’s prime for development.

Using the 18 urban aspects at your disposal, you are able to build your city, but only those who build them in the proper order will achieve the highest ranking: a teeming Cityscape.

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  • Heretique

    Hello new addiction. I’ve been wondering when you’d show your face…

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yah, I think I burned up some 3 hours playing this and Grow last night.

  • Alan

    The higest I can manage is 36 – I can’t get it anywhere near your picture. Any tips?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Start with Explorers, and then Surveyors.  Residential is next.

  • Alan

    Thanks, up to 37. Curse you alphamonkey – if I’m late picking my Mum up from the airport it will be your fault.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Oh, fine.  answers were e-mailed.

  • Requiem7

    Ok this game is driving me mad I got 40 on one try but I forgot the order that I did it in.  Has anyone got a perfect score yet?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yah.  The image I used was a screencap of my (finally) 60/60. It’s a bumpy pickle, that’s for sure.

    I can post a walkthru if anyone is interested.

  • Requiem7

    I’m interested, anyone else?

  • daemoneyes

    Um, doesn’t that defeat the whole point of the time-wasting goodness that is this game?  I’m stuck at 37 BTW, but I’ve only had a few minutes to play it so far.

  • Boss Robot

    Whoo 30/60 on the first try! I am satisfied, on to the next challenge! Yep I’m not even going to start being addicted

  • j*dolf

    hey can someone help me? i am addicted but i cannot get past 36/60. show me how please please! i just gotta know. does anyone have the answers?

  • Requiem7

    Give us some clues

  • .alphamonkey.











    Theme Park




    Religion/or Police

    Police/or Religion



  • Boss Robot

    Score!!! That saves me 3 hours! hahaha!

  • Beamer

    Aw man, I got up to 58 on my own >.< Spoil my fun why don’t you! Lol

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