Oh man, it’s Monday…again.

by alphamonkey on March 6, 2006 · 0 comments

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Everyone enjoy their Oscar weekend?  I sure did. That is, I did until the actual Oscars came on.  Crash for Best Picture?  Seriously? Leave it to the Academy to honor a slobbering LA hummer film instead of say, you know, something truly great like Munich, Good Night & Good Luck, or Brokeback Mountain. 

And sorry Reese, but Felicity Huffman deserves that statue a little more than you did, even if you were the most charming thing in the mostly charmless Walk the Line. 

No matter what, when they starting handing out the Nobel Prize for Awesome, I vote Jon Stewart to get the first one.

Oh well.  Since we’re on the subject of unreality. How about a site that shows you how to fib awesome minature photography

Not your thing?  Test your survival skills with this online quiz

Okay, fine.  Get your chuckle on with Rock, Paper, Saddam‘s ’The Painting‘.

Have we made up for Friday yet?

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