The Greatest Auto Dealer Commercial of All Time

by alphamonkey on March 14, 2006 · 3 comments

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Wexley School For Girls (who did the People for Puget Sound clip) did this 90 second spot which may just be the mother of all auto dealership spots.  Behold it’s power!

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  • HeyLowPapi

    There was something like 7 months of ads leading up to this spot, which i believe ran in 2002. they were like “only ____ days until the GREATEST AUTO DEALER COMMERCIAL OF ALL TIME!” i guess it was kind of a big deal. i certainly spent a minute or two wondering what it would be like… so ultimately it couldn’t help but be a bit of a let down.

    Scott Thomason was (is?) the biggest car dealer in Portland. He used to run great ads (like this one)and his face was on the side of every bus in town. he was probably the most recognizable guy in Portland.

    But a few scandals later and it seems his face has disapeared. There were charges of racial and sexual discrimination at his dealerships and then he was involved in a hit and run accident that somewhat tarnished the image of Portland’s favorite nerdy car czar.

    little local history…

  • .alphamonkey.

    Nice.  Thanks.  Now I want to know the scandals…

  • Boss Robot

    How the “mighty” have fallen. Tsk tsk tsk…

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