April 2006

Here’s a bizarro little number from the 2002 Japanese film Suicide Club, which I can’t possibly explain in any reasonable amount of time.  Nevertheless, this clip is of Genesis (played by J-star Rolly), a death obsessed rocker who apparently likes to break into song at really inappropriate times.

It’s safe for work, but kinda freaky and a wee bit bloody.

Okay, now I need a drink.


Finnish metal monsters Lordi looks and sounds like Rob Zombie’s nightmares formed and band and then beat up G.W.A.R. Fun, huh?  Well, it’s certainly fun for fans of the Eurovison song contest (which introduced ABBA to a glitter stunned Earth), as Lordi is currently trying to rachet up the monster rock with their song, Rock n’ Roll Hallelujah.  And lest you think this is yet another black metal freakout from the icy wastelands, just remember that Lordi isn’t down with evil, just monsters.  After all, they have a song called ‘The Devil Is A Loser’.  Nice.


Adicolor continues their color series with the History of Red by Roman Coppola and Andy Bruntel.  Yea, verily, we are all richer for having the color red.


Director Ne-O (who also did the Singin’ in the Rain spot for VW, the bastard) delivers a spot much less infuriating to me with this rather clever Toyota advert.  Neat concept, but I’m still mad about the VW spot.


Josh Rouse is easily one of my favorite songwriters out there, and I’ve been curious what ditching his life and moving to Spain would do to his music.  Quiet Town is the first clip from Subtitulo, but as I’ve since found out, it’s not really indicitive of the whole album (which, while certainly not the near-masterpiece that 1972 was, is easily as good as Nashville).  Still, it’s good stuff.

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Pick your preference – Old school or New school, and control everything from the scratching to the crowd’s response….



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Get your sneak on with this challenging puzzler, Unlock, wherein you must decipher the proper combination to move to the next stage.


Dig on the seemingly endless archives of circus photos and posters over at Circus Musuem.  I could blow half my day wandering through these.  The artwork is just astounding.


I stole the TV

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Oh, it’s like a beautiful, blissful dream come to life!  The long awaited Strangers With Candy movie is finally on it’s way.  Still one of the best things Comedy Central has ever put on the air.


If you’ve never seen the utterly brilliant Mr. Show, we can only pity you.  ‘Cause you missed out on one of the most brilliant sketch comedy shows ever to grace the cable airwaves.  Dig on this spot from one my all time favorite episodes (Boys Club), detailing the shenanigans of metal gods, Wyckyd Sceptre

It’s Mr. Show, so you know it’s just chock full of NSFW…