Everything’s Gone Green – Aaron Ruell

by alphamonkey on April 11, 2006 · 5 comments

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Here’s another fantastic short film from director Aaron Ruell entitled ‘Everything’s Gone Green’.  His background as a still photographer really comes through in this one, with lots of static shots just chock full of detail and precision.  Kip Dynamite was cool and all, but Ruell’s solo work just blows me away.

At 18 minutes, this one is perfect for wasting a goodly chunk of your workday.

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  • musicgirl416

    Oh, I really like this. The character of william reminds me of Emily Dickinson.

  • http://www.braindeadshithead.blogspot.com/ J.R.

    Dude, why don’t you have more comments?  Your site rocks!  I will definitely be a regular viewer (and moocher!).

  • BADD

    My word.  I have so much praise for this I can’t think of what to write first.

    This, to me, gives hope for the future of film.

  • tido

    beautifully shot – warm and fuzzy inside

  • Alan

    Sweet. Totally sweet.

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