I Can’t Belive I Ate the Whole Thing

by alphamonkey on April 14, 2006 · 4 comments

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You know that feeling you get the morning after a roaring drunk where you think to yourself ‘What in heaven’s name did I eat last night?’ as you bow before your porcelain pal?  Well, imagine how sucky it must have been to have eaten and then thrown up an entire hippo like this probably very sad anaconda did.

You have a nice lunch, now.

Note:  The audio was complete trash, so once again we put my own touch on it.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find the right track to underscore a regurgitating anaconda?  In the end, we went with a song that might have explained what happened between these two the night before.

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  • that guy

    omfg that has to be one the most insane clips I have ever seen. Imagine the strech marks that snake must have now 😀

  • Heretique

    As disgusting as that was, I still want to see a snake eat a hippo…

  • elquesogrande

    My eyes…my…eyes…

  • Boss Robot

    Is the hippo dead? And once again Alphamonkey has orchestrated the theme song to life! sortof

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