Lordi – Rock n’ Roll Hallelujah

by alphamonkey on April 28, 2006 · 3 comments

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Finnish metal monsters Lordi looks and sounds like Rob Zombie’s nightmares formed and band and then beat up G.W.A.R. Fun, huh?  Well, it’s certainly fun for fans of the Eurovison song contest (which introduced ABBA to a glitter stunned Earth), as Lordi is currently trying to rachet up the monster rock with their song, Rock n’ Roll Hallelujah.  And lest you think this is yet another black metal freakout from the icy wastelands, just remember that Lordi isn’t down with evil, just monsters.  After all, they have a song called ‘The Devil Is A Loser’.  Nice.

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  • Boss Robot

    I actually liked this one. It had a more “choral” sound to it. Their entrance was really cool despite being a bit cliche.

  • noonzie

    I must say.. the chorus had a little hook to it.  Kept me listening.  Not nearly as good as the Coheed and Cambria video you posted a while back.

  • Boss Robot

    This would sound great if sung by an all boy choir!

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